Friday, February 26, 2010

Week 6- Game 2

The league standings were quickly totaled to determine the final pairings. 

Brian and Jake were tied for first place, so they were paired up to determine 1st place.  The other pairings were determined randomly.

As these were the final games of the campaign, the gloves were off and no one held back!  Combat was brutal with games coming down to one side being wiped off the table.

Jeff vs. Brandon
Battlefield: Agimore's Sweep
Time of Day: Dusk
Weather: A Beautiful Day
Scenario: Sieze the High Ground
Rangers storm the hill and brace for the dwarven charge!

This game was over rather quickly due to some nasty cascading morale checks.

Mike vs. Chris
Battlefield: The Grass Ocean
Time of Day: Dusk
Weather: Calm
Scenario: Sieze the High Ground
Alezza's Horde of Horrible and The Harlaz Expeditionary force both clain the hill as their own!

Alezza defends the hill with her new friend; a dwarf leader zombie!

The battle rages on even after both warbands are well past their breaking points!

Jake vs. Brian
Battlefield: Grass Ocean
Time of Day: Day
Weather: Overcast
Scenario: Ambush
Jake's knights cautiously approach the ruins of the Snake People.  It is simply too quiet...

The River Runners spring their trap!  Jake suffers the Curse of the Snake People!

The knights seem to be disorganized and confused.  Or is this part of the battle plan?

Casualties are heavy on both sides, with both warbands valiantly passing morale tests!

Finally Jakes' Knights have the upper hand!  Or do they?

The final human falls, and the leader of The River Runners stands alone!

The ruins once again fall silent...

The results of this round are:

Brandon siezed victory!

Mike vanquishes his foe and secures victory!

The game between Jake and Brian was very, very close.  All of Jake's models were removed from the table.  Brian was left with only his Uber- leader; a Q: 2 C: 8, Lethal vs. Humans, Leader (amongst other things.) (*Brian quested with this model and received the Baneblade magic weapon.)

Once the final victory points were tallied the result was:
Brian: 19.3
Jake: 19.7

Jake one by less than half a point!!!  (Or by one point if you round properly, but that is much less dramatic!)

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