Thursday, February 11, 2010

Week 4- Game 2

Round 2 started quickly after round 1 finished, the players eager to mix it up again!

Pairings were again random and looked like this:

Mike vs. Todd
Battlefield: Tashia's Crossing
Time of Day: Dawn
Weather: Light Drizzle
Scenario: Ambush

The Harlaz Expeditionary Force begins their looting and pillaging, not knowing Da Urks are waiting for them!

Surprise!  Orcs and Dwarves mix it up!

Brian vs. Jake
Battlefield: Dread Mire
Time of Day: Day
Weather: Cloudy and breezy
Scenario: On Difficult Ground

The weakened River Runners dash for cover as Jake's mob advances!

The River Runners and pushed back and fenced in.  There is no choice now but to fight!

An elf is lost to the swamp! 

And the results for this round go a little something like this:

The Harlaz Expeditionary Force shook off the ambush and fought to victory!

Jake's humans quickly routed his foe and claimed victory!

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