Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New Units For Fun

OK, so not really for the campaign, but they're still fun and I wanted to share them with everyone.  These were created by Gabriel, a friend and fellow gamer who haunts Village Games.

Here are stats from the Modrons from Dungeons and Dragons.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fishished Boulders

Todd, a friend and participant in the campaing, finished the boulders started last week.  You can see how they turned out at my other blog:

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Updated Tokens and Roster

I just posted updated versions of the tokens and the campaign roster.

The tokens now include the ever important "Fallen" tokens.

The campaign roster includes more spots for units, and added a Territory Name field.  Also, the Notes section was removed.

Extended Campaign Roster

SBH Tokens

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Terrain Clarification

From the Village Games Forum, written by Grand Master Mike:

I had a few questions about terrain last night, so I wanted to clarify the situation.

Each player is responsible for 5 terrain areas.

Two of the terrain areas are "public". Three of them are "private".

The public terrains are the ones listed on the campaign signup sheet. There are 12 public areas. Terrain elements can not be shared between public areas.

The private terrains are areas that you make up yourself. Terrain elements can be shared between private areas.

Here is an example:

Mike picks "Shore of the Esil's Ocean" and "The Green Vale" as his public choices. For his private choices, he picks Forest, Boarder Town, and Grasslands.

The public areas are described as follows:
Shore of the Esil's Ocean (Beach)
Min number of terrain pieces: 2
Mandatory: None
Normal: Woods, Broken Rock, Ruins, Tall Bushes, Hut.
Fantastic: StickyWeed

The Green Vale (River Land)
Min number of terrain pieces: 4
Mandatory: None
Normal: Woods, Hills, Thick Vegetation, Bridges
Fantastic: None.

For Esil's Ocean, Mike decides to make 3 items: Woods, Broken Rocks, and Ruins. He also needs to make an area of StickyWeed.

For the Green Vale, Mike decides to make 3 Woods and 2 Hills.

So for the Public terrain, Mike needs to make a total of 4 woods, 1 Broken Rock, 1 Ruins, 2 Hills, and 1 StickyWeed.

For his private areas, Mike decides to set them up as follows:
Forest: 4 Stands of woods, 2 Ruins
Boarder Town: 2 Stands of Woods, 4 buildings
Grasslands: 2 Ruins

So for his Private terrain, Mike needs to make a total of 4 Woods, 4 Buildings and 2 Ruins.

Combing the private and public builds together:
Mike needs to make a total of 8 woods, 1 Broken Rock, 3 Ruins, 2 Hills, 4 Buildings, and 1 StickyWeed.

Mike Z

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

First Custom Units Approved

We playtested the first batch of custom units last night and the following have been deemed fair and balanced for use in our campaign:

Fleshless Reaper
Pts: 42 Q: 3 C: 3 SR: Tailslap, Undead

Jack of Blades
Pts: 52 Q: 3 C: 4 SR: Free Disengage, Undead
(Uses the Wraith profile without the Flying rule.)

Skeleton Champion
Pts: 66 Q: 3 C: 3 SR: Leader, Undead

Colossal Skeleton
Pts: 80 Q: 4 C: 4 SR: Heavy Armor, Huge, Long Move, Slow, Tough, Undead
(A Frost Giant from SDG with the Undead rule.)

Morbid Angel
Pts: 42 Q: 4 C: 3 SR: Flying, Undead
Rackham Confrontation figure.

Bone Swarm
Pts: 17 Q: 4 C: 1 SR: Swarm, Undead

Human Ranger
Pts:34 Q:3 C:3+ SR: Shooter-Short

Human Ranger Leader
Pts:63 Q:3 C:3+ SR: Leader, Shooter-Short

Unfortunately, this unit was not found acceptable:

Super Awesome Skeleton
Pts: 83 Q: 2+ C: 6
Special Rules: Lethal vs. Jeff's Warband.

Mainly because it is a skeleton without the Undead ability.  :)

I will be creating a file containing all of the custom units used our campaign and making it available on this blog.