Wednesday, December 2, 2009

First Custom Units Approved

We playtested the first batch of custom units last night and the following have been deemed fair and balanced for use in our campaign:

Fleshless Reaper
Pts: 42 Q: 3 C: 3 SR: Tailslap, Undead

Jack of Blades
Pts: 52 Q: 3 C: 4 SR: Free Disengage, Undead
(Uses the Wraith profile without the Flying rule.)

Skeleton Champion
Pts: 66 Q: 3 C: 3 SR: Leader, Undead

Colossal Skeleton
Pts: 80 Q: 4 C: 4 SR: Heavy Armor, Huge, Long Move, Slow, Tough, Undead
(A Frost Giant from SDG with the Undead rule.)

Morbid Angel
Pts: 42 Q: 4 C: 3 SR: Flying, Undead
Rackham Confrontation figure.

Bone Swarm
Pts: 17 Q: 4 C: 1 SR: Swarm, Undead

Human Ranger
Pts:34 Q:3 C:3+ SR: Shooter-Short

Human Ranger Leader
Pts:63 Q:3 C:3+ SR: Leader, Shooter-Short

Unfortunately, this unit was not found acceptable:

Super Awesome Skeleton
Pts: 83 Q: 2+ C: 6
Special Rules: Lethal vs. Jeff's Warband.

Mainly because it is a skeleton without the Undead ability.  :)

I will be creating a file containing all of the custom units used our campaign and making it available on this blog.

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