Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Battlefield Profile- Euzla's Woods

Let's take a look at Euzla's Woods, a battlefield by Chris.

4: Euzla's Woods (Forest)
Min number of terrain pieces: 6
Mandatory: 4 Woods
Normal: Woods, Ruins, Hills.
Fantastic: Cursed Ruins

The mad wizard Euzla is said to have made his home here. Even now, the locals avoid the ancient forest and the horrors lurking there.

The trees for this woods are store bought and are supplied by Life Like and by Noch.  The templated are just cardboard, with the edges taped over to hide the corrugations, painted black, and then flocked.

To see how the hills were made, go here.

The ruin is an old piece I've had around forever.  See how it was done here.

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