Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Battlefield Profile- The Dread Mire

Next we have The Dread Mire, a battlefield selected by Todd.

3: The Dread Mire (Swamp)
Min number of terrain pieces: 4
Mandatory: 2 Swamps Normal: Woods, Ruins
Fantastic: Quicksand

A once fertile area and home to a prosperous society, the Dread Mire
Is now a deadly morass thanks to a magical experiment gone horribly wrong.

The mire is a collection of hand made and store bought.  The trees are a mix of old Christmas village type trees and armatures from Woodland Scenics.

The woods templates are simply cut from cardboard, covered with masking tape, painted black, and flocked.

The ruin is a piece from the 2nd Edition Warhammer Fantasy box set.

The swamps were hand made by Todd and I, and were a bit of experiment in doing something fast and cheap.

Todd started off by cutting out the base from cardboard.  We then folded masking tape over the edges to hide the corrugation.

Todd then painted all of the bases in a dark green/ dark blue color to simulate the murky water of a swamp.  After this was dry a bead of super glue was run around the edge of the base, and a piece of cellophane was placed over the base to simulate water.  The edge was trimmed with a razor blade.

Todd then glued some pieces of dead tree branches to the bases as dead trees and logs.  We then applied a mix of ground cover flock and spanish moss to the base with super glue to complete the swamp effect.

I really enjoyed making these pieces and I think they turned out quite well for under an hours worth of work.

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