Monday, February 15, 2010

BattleReport- Alezza's Horde of Horrible vs. Da Urks

This battle took place Week 4- Game 1.

Todd's warband, Da Urks, faced off against my warband, Alezza's Horde of Horrible.  The scenario was an Assassination.  Todd was the attacker.

Before the game started, Todd was to select a personality in my warband to be the target.  He selected the Colossal Skeleton because I tend to lead with it, and leave my Necromancer towards the back do to her poor Combat. 

It was night, and in heavy rain, so Todd's ranged attacks would be effectively neutralized.  The heavy rain was going to make movement very dangerous.

Alezza's Horde of Horrible and Da Urks deployed.

Todd chose to deploy in a very tight formation, basically setting all of his units up in a block.  I deployed my Colossal Skeleton in the center, surrounded by skeletons to help protect it's giant base and minimize the number of models Todd could get in base contact.  Though is was the target, I figured with the skeleton support he would be able to smash through the Orks and force early morale tests.  The Jack of Blades were set up further to the left and were to act as a flanking group.  My Necromancer was placed in back as usual in order to protect her. 

Todd took the first turn and began moving his orcs and goblins towards my skeleton.  As expected, several units slipped and fell in the heavy rain.  I responded by slowly advancing my units as well, getting actions from the Colossal skeleton, a single skeleton, and the 3 Jack of Blades before rolling a turnover.

The Colossal Skeleton prepared to mee the orc horde!

On the next turn the orcs start to trickle in.  Two dispatch the lone skeleton defending the targeted personality.  Archers move in and take pot shots, but they fire with no effect in the blackness and rain against the skeletal brute.

I attempt to bring in more support for the Colossal Skeleton, but roll a turnover on my second Q: 3+ model.  I use my warband's "Retain the Initiative" advancement, and immediately roll another turnover!!!  At that point it was not looking good for Alezza...

Another shot of the last turn, but from a different angle.

It's another orc turn, and they are now pouring in, slipping and sliding about as they charge towards their prey.  More orcs based the Colossal Skeleton, and their combined attacks caused a wound and a knock down. 

For my turn I decided to use my 2nd warband advantage: Unpredictable.  I swapped a skeleton's Q: 3+ with the Colossal Skeleton's Q: 5+ and threw 3 dice, scoring three successes.  This allowed him to stand up and smack down an orc.  It was only a kill though, and not the greusome I was hoping for.
A random picture of combat!!

Orcs just wiped out the only defending skeleton!

Some Jack of Blades smacked around another orc unit, and it was time for me to roll a turnover. 

The end of the Colossal Skeleton

On Todd's next turn he mobbed up as many orcs as he could, and delivered a brutal kill to the Colossal Skeleton.  With the target destroyed, Da Urks claimed victory!

I have to say I regret leading with the Colossal Skeleton.  Exceptionally poor dice kept reinforcements from supporting it properly.  Though dice on Todd's side wasn't stellar, it was still enough to steamroll me. 

It was refreshing playing a warband that wasn't all Q: 2+ though!!

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  1. And it was the only battle my Orcs managed to win. And I agree it was refreshing to not play an all Q 2+ warband.