Thursday, February 11, 2010

Battlefield Profile- Tashia's Crossing

This battlefield was assembled by Chris.

7: Tashia's Crossing (Border Town)
Min number of terrain pieces: 9
Mandatory: 7 buildings
Normal: buildings, town square, Fences, Woods

Named after the famed hero that founded it; Tashia’s Crossing
has become an important stop on the Eastern Spice Road.

The buildings that make up Tashia's Crossing were designed by Dave Graffam.  They are truly excellent, and I get nothing but compliments on these pieces.

You can get these buildings yourself here:

These buildings are printed on cardstock, cut out and assembled.  I would recommend 120 lb cardstock, though I end up going to Wal Mart more often than I care to admit so I end up with 110 lb cardstock which is all they carry.  It works fine, it's just nowhere near as heavy.

WorldWorks Games has an excellent series of tutorials on assembling card models:
Cardstock Model Assembly Instructions

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