Thursday, February 18, 2010

Week 5- Game 1

With the the campaign coming close to being finished, our attendance was the weakest yet.  One player was out with work, one on vacation and the last a no call, no show for the 2nd week in a row...

Never the less it was a great day of gaming!

With week 5 the season turned from summer to fall, opening up new opportunites for bad weather.

The first round started off as usual, with pairings generated randomly:

Jake vs. Mike
Battlefield: Shores of Esil's Ocean
Time of Day: Night
Weather: Strong Wind
Scenario: Assassination

The Harlaz Expeditionary Force heads for cover as Jake's humans charge!

Chaos ensues as mighty warbands clash!

Brian vs. Chris
Battlefield: Agimore's Sweep
Time of Day: Dusk
Weather: Cool
Scenario: Treasure Hunt

The River Runner's quickly scour the area for treasure while Alezza's Horde of Horrible muddles along!

The undead horde sets its sights on battle while elves scramble through bladegrass for the loot!

Alezza unleashes the big guns against the highly skilled elves!

Round one results are like so:

Mike continues his giant killer streak and takes another victory!

Brian beats back his foe and claims the treasure and victory!

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