Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Battlefield Profile- Tremor's Pass

Today we'll look at Tremor's Pass, a battlefield from Brian.

9: Tremors Pass (Border Town)
Min number of terrain pieces: 7
Mandatory: 3 Buildings, 2 Woods
Normal: buildings, Fences, Woods, Hills

Located near the Dragonborn Mountains, the town is named after the
frequent earthquakes that seem to plague the area.

The trees for this battlefield are assembled from components by Woodland Scenics.
See this link for a quick guide on how they are made.

5"- 7" Deciduous Armatures
Clump Foliage

The tree templates were made using a grass mat from Noch.

Templates were cut from cardboard, and then a piece of Middlegreen gaming mat larger than the template was glued on top.  The excess mat was then folded over the edges of the cardboard template and glued into place to hide the corrugations of the cardboard.  This is such a simple and easy method for making templates I plan on doing it myself.

The walls are WarTorn Worlds.
Grey Brick Wall Set

Brian has given them a wash using Citadel washes to give them a more natural look.

The buildings are again done by Dave Graffam.   You can get these buildings yourself here:

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