Sunday, February 14, 2010

Warband Profile- Da Urks

We'll now take a look at Todd's warband.

Theme: Orcs just out stompin' stuff!
Allignment: Evil
Max Size: 18
Points: 300
Gold: 50
Campaign Points:

Gornak (Personality): Q:2+/ C:4 /Leader, / Cost: 100 XP: 0
Lomar: Q:3+/ C:3 / Cost: 23 XP: 0
Ungar: Q:3+/ C:3 /Shooter (Med) / Cost: 29 XP: 0
Notgarn: Q:3+/ C:2 /Stealth / Cost: 20 XP: 0
Martar: Q:3+/ C:3 /Mounted, Long Move / Cost: 47 XP: 0
Henlom: Q:3+/ C:3 /Shooter (Med) / Cost: 29 XP: 2
Foltap: Q:4+/ C:3 /Leader, / Cost: 23 XP: 1
Ino: Q:4+/ C:1 / Cost: 8 XP: 1

Territory Name:
1-2 Hill Land
3-4 Forest
5-6 Scrub Land

All figures are Games Workshop, though they've made so many different figs over the years I'm not even sure which are which.  I believe most of the orcs are from the Warhammer Fantasy 2nd edition box set.


  1. They certainly look like Games Workshop minis and second edition would be about right I think.

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  2. Actually, the orc archers are from the 6th Edition box set. And the other Orcs are from a Orc Regiment (I bought them a couple weeks after I bought the 6ed I guess they'd be 6th????).