Thursday, February 18, 2010

Week 5- Game 2

More skirmish goodness, SBH style!

Again, pairings were random.

Mike vs. Chris
Battlefield: The Barrens
Time of Day: Night
Weather: Eerily Still
Scenario: On Diffiult Ground

Alleza's Horde of Horrible and The Harlaz Expeditionary Force want to claim the ruin as their own!

Dwarves do their best to quell the unstoppable assault!

Dwarves round up skeletons for the slaughter!

Jake vs. Brian
Battlefield: Tremor's Pass
Time of Day: Night
Weather: Clear and Warm
Scenario: Treasure Hunt

The River Runners and Jake's humans scour the village for treasure!

Found it!  Knights gather the gold!

The battle rages for the loot!

Elves stand their ground from a two sided attack!

Results for this round are as follows:

Mike leads his warband to a narrow victory!

Brian snatches the loot from the hands of his opponent for victory!

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