Thursday, February 11, 2010

Week 4- Game 1

We had bit of a poor showing this week, with two players not attending.  We still managed to get some great games in though!

Pairings were again random and looked like this:

Chris vs. Todd
Battlefield: Shores of Esil's Ocean
Time of Day: Night
Weather: Heavy Rain
Scenario: Assassination

Da Urks and Alezza's Horde of Horrible square off on the beach!

I will be doing a full battle report for this engagement.

Brian vs. Mike
Battlefield: Dread Mire
Time of Day: Day
Weather: Overcast with a chance of rain
Scenario: Assassination

The Harlaz Expeditionary Force and The River Runners square off in the swamp.

Mike will be doing a full battle report to cover this engangement.

The results were as follows:
Da Urks destroyed the Colossal Skeleton and claimed victory!
The Harlaz Expeditionary Force chased off The River Runners' leader and claimed victory!

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