Monday, January 18, 2010

Week 2- Results

At the end of the night these are the campaign standings:


Please note that those that are tied are listed alphabetically.

This week yielded some crazy events.

At the end of game 3 my warband, Alezza's Horde of Horrible, had only 15 gold and was beaten and battered.  Just for fun I chanced the Gambling Den, figuring it was no big loss to be banned.  Fortunately I threw a "6", then a "3."  That extra 90 gold really helped boost my warband!

Brandon saw what luck I had and thought he would try his luck as well.  He rolled up his die and threw a "6" as well!  And just to one- up me, he threw another "6", banking himself and extra 180 gold!!

Jeff And Jake's Treasure Hunt for round 3 was one of the shortest games in history.  I believe Jake was able to end it on turn 2 because of the placement of the hidden treasure tokens.  It took longer to set up than it did to play!

So far the campaign has been an absolute blast.  It looks as if most people had a pretty rocky start, but as the warbands begin to develope they are becoming significantly more powerful and viable. 

Next Tuesday is a bye week.

I will be profiling some of the battlefields and warbands in the coming weeks, so everyone can get to know the people and places!

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