Friday, January 22, 2010

Battlefield Profile- Agimore's Sweep

The first battlefield we will take a look at is Agimore's Sweep.

6 Agimore's Sweep (Hill Land)
Min number of terrain pieces: 5
Mandatory: 3 Hill
Normal: Hills, Ruins, Broken Rocks
Fantastic: Bladegrass

The western barbarians lead by the Warlord Agimore rampaged through kingdom after kingdom before being stopped on the open plains  that now bear their warlord’s name.

This terrain piece was selected by Mike.  I believe Mike has two sets of terrain he has been using for this piece.  One batch contains items he made himself.

In these pictures we have a variety of terrain from War Torn Worlds.  The most interesting thing about their pieces is that they are made from recycled rubber tires, putting our waste to some good use!

Included in this collection are the following pieces:

8" Finished 15mm Grassy Hill SKU 07004  MSRP $9.00
Classical Ruined Corner WTW-06500 MSPR $22.00
Classical Shrine WTW-06501 MSPR $22.00
Ruined Tower WTW-06700 MSPR $15.00
Round Rock Outcropping WTW-06052-06054 MSRP $9.00
Rugged Hill A Granite Summer WTW- 06200 MSRP $16.00
Rugged Hill B Granite Summer WTW- 06201 MSRP $26.00

All prices are in U.S. Dollars.

These items are available from your local game store, or through War torn Worlds' Ebay Store.

Mike has also added more detail to these pieces by adding additional ground cover, as well as creeping vines, flowers and other details using products from Woodland Scenics.

I would also like to note at all the mats were have played on starting week 2, and through the end of the campign, were make by Mike.  They are based on felt, and are easily rolled to store, but stay flexible and suffer from minimal shedding.  I would like to make one myself some day, and do a step by step tutorial.  These mats are so slick, every should own one.

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  1. The battlefields are a great idea! I really like the use of them in all my gaming.