Friday, January 15, 2010

Week 2- Game 2

Round 2... FIGHT!

Lots of elixers were consumed, and more than a fair share of band aids were applied, and these warbands are ready for more!

Pairings and battlefieds were again generated randomly and this is how they came out:

Jake vs. Brian
Battlefield: Hemore's Plateau
Time of Day: Day
Weather: A Fine Day
Scenario: Assassination
Jake's humans valiantly protect their leader from Brian's Elves

Crafty Elves attempt a flanking maneuver.

Mike vs. Brandon
Battlefield: Agimore's Sweep
Time of Day: Night
Weather: Thunderstorm
Scenario: Place of Power

Brandon and Mike in some hot dwarf on dwarf action!

Brandon's dwarves easily outnumber and overwhelm Mike's dwarves.

Chris vs. Jeff
Battlefield: The Barrens
Time of Day: Day
Weather: Cool and Sunny
Scenario: On Difficult Ground
Pinned!  Alezza's Horde of Horrible takes archer fire from the front and a lighting fast flank attack.

Rangers rush in to save their fallen comrade from a fate worse than death!

When the dust finally settled the standings were:

Jake's warband held back the assault and was victorious!

Brandon smashed through his opponents lines and claimed victory for his own!

Jeff easily smited his foe and won the day!

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