Thursday, January 7, 2010

Week 1- Game 1

At about 18:00, CST, on January 5th, 2010 the battles commenced.  Six players had arrived to test their warbands against each other.  It would prove to be brutal, pushing all warbands to their limit.

Pairings were generated randomly.  Each player rolled a D6, and the two highest rolling players played each other, then the two middle- rolling players and finally the lowest rolling pair playing each other.

Initiatives were rolled, battlegrounds chosen, weather and lighting determined, scenario decided upon, and the battles commenced!

Pairings were as follows:

Chris and Brandon
Battleground: The Whispering Woods; Time of Day: Night; Weather: Heavy Rain; Scenario: On Difficult Ground.

Jake and Brian             
Battleground: Tashias Crossing; Time of Day: Night; Weather: A Pleasant Day; Scenario: Ambush

Todd and Jeff
Battleground: Tremors Pass; Time of Day: Night; Weather: Perfect SBH Weather; Scenario: ?????

Here are the few pictures I was able to shoot during the games:

Brandon's dwarves slog through the soggy grass, trying to pick out the shapes of Chris' undead through the darkness and rain.

Chris' Undead pick their way through a treacherous wood, slowly closing the gap between themselves and Brandon's Dwarves.

Brian's elves stumble into an ambush set by Jake's humans!

A close of of the skirmish between Jake's humans and Brian's elves.

Todd's Orcs clash with Jeff's humans in the border town of Tremors Pass.

Todd's Orcs and Jeff's Humans squaring off!

The fighting was viscious and most players took heavy losses.  Todd and Brian took so many losses in fact that they had to restart their warbands just to stay competitive!  I don't think anyone walked away without at least one dead unit in their warband. 

Winners of this round were:


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