Thursday, January 7, 2010

Week 1- Game 2

After the warbands patched their wounded and buried their dead the second games of the night were underway.

Pairings were again generated at random. Each player rolled a D6, and the two highest rolling players played each other, then the two middle- rolling players and finally the lowest rolling pair playing each other.

In the second batch of games the conditions for battle were a bit more friendly, but the scenarios were much more challenging.

Pairings were as follows:

Chris and Jake
Battleground: Hemore's Plateau; Time of Day: Day; Weather: Cool and slightly overcast; Scenario: Assassination

Brian and Todd
Battleground: Tashia's Crossing; Time of Day: Day; Weather: Nice day for a stroll; Scenario: Ambush

Jeff and Brandon
Battleground: Tremors Pass; Time of Day: Day Weather: Thunderstorm; Scenario: Assassination
The second set of games was fast and furious, and I was only able to snap a quick picture of each table before they were over.

Tashia's Crossing, before Todd's Orcs and Brian's Elves engage in batle.

Chris' undead use what little cover they can find to advance against the ranged attacks of Jake's humans.

Jeff's humans valiantly assault Brandon's entrenched dwarves in The Green Vale.

Winners for this round were:

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